"slr holiday service" was founded in 2016 as a 100% subsidiary of "schauinsland-reisen GmbH", one of the leading tour operators in Germany.

We started our business first in the city of Varna. The main activity was providing service for visiting guests of "schauinsland reisen" in Bulgaria. 5 years later, we expanded our activities and created "schauinsland reisen" Customer Service Centers in Varna and Burgas. Our teams serve both travel agencies in Germany offering tours around the world and end customers of the company.

What are our values?

Freedom - The work of our employees is not measured by time - we do not have a system reporting the average time of processing an inquiry. The most important thing is to pay enough attention to the customer and make him feel satisfied.

Creative thinking - We show creativity in dealing with challenges and finding good solutions.

Care - Employees in our company are seen as Persons: We care about the satisfaction of both our customers and our employees.

Openness - We value the opinion of every member of the slr-holiday-service family: Everyone is free to give feedback and express their personal opinion.

What are our superpowers?

Talent - we attract, develop and retain talented, curious, and committed people.

Dynamism - We quickly make decisions, act and achieve success.

Efficiency - We effectively manage and use resources to achieve maximum results.

Do you want to become part of our family? Check out our vacancies here.