"Ground handling operator" for Varna and Burgas airports

We are licensed by the Bulgarian CAA as a "Ground handling operator" for both Varna and Burgas airports - license № 69-1.

We offer:

  • Station management
  • Passenger handling
  • Aircraft ramp handling
  • Full assistance in case of irregularities
  • Collection of revenue items on behalf of the airline, i.e. excess baggage seating upgrades, etc.
  • Ticket sales through our online platform and more than 100 partner travel agencies
  • Passenger welfare and hotel accommodation
  • Crew hotac and transport
  • Crew and passenger catering
  • Tour operator coordination and liaison

Hotel Accommodation in case of flight irregularities

In case of flight irregularities, we accommodate passengers in our partnering hotels. Thanks to our specially developed software "NapByte", we automatically:

  • send hoteliers requests for room availability
  • distribute the collected rooms throughout the passengers
  • trace passengers transfers
  • inform passengers about pick-up times
  • billing and reporting

Learn more about NapByte