Benefits in the airport

In the situation of emergency, we have to act fast. Time is of great importance when people from the airport must be accommodated. The fastest way for that is to have a system to help you with this task.

Automated room destribution

NapByte is programmed to pick accommodation for the passenger or group of passengers in less than a second. The algorithm is based on the specific accommodation need, rooms availabilities in every hotel and priority order based on the time of a request submission from the hotelier. 

Smart suggestions for transfer vehicle assignments

These suggestions are made regarding the resort in which the passenger/s are accommodated. Also, users get notifications related to the capacity of the vehicle when it is almost reached and fully reached. This is one of the many things that lead to significantly improves the time in which vehicles are released from the airport. 

What is there for the hoteliers

SMS and e-mail notifications for flight delays

Contact person for the hotel gets notified for flight delays in his area. If this person is not on the computer and can't get to its e-mail he will be able to check its notification via SMS.

Online room availability submission

It is faster and more convenient to give your room availability via an online platform. Also, the request is mobile friendly and can be opened from a mobile phone.

Real time reservation mailing

For every reservation made through the system it automatically generates and sends an e-mail to the hotelier. This way the hoteliers can know exactly how many rooms and with what occupancy can expect before the people come. 

Summary report

When the accommodating stage finish and there are no more people steel needing accommodation the system sends a summary report to all hotels that have received a reservation for this delay.

This information is very helpful for afterward billing stage .

Notifying people for changes and pick-up times

In our experience, we came to the understanding that there is ane crucial point in which the communication between passengers and we should not be broken.

We have options to send SMS to the passengers provided their phone number and also we can leave messages and pick-up times for the passengers in a specified web address. All that powered by NapByte.